“Thanks for a brilliant training day today. I’ve got a lot from both the training days I have done with you. As someone who has returned to academic life after a long gap, it has been particularly useful in getting quickly up to speed with how the whole university system works now! It has also helped me to think more strategically and to be more definite about the way my career unfolds.” PI Development Programme Participant

“Just wanted to quickly say that I really enjoyed the course today. That was probably my best spent 1.5 hours today. Really useful! Thank you.” Constructive Feedback learning bite participant

“The ideas and skills learned in those two days have transformed the way I work. Proper documentation, sign off, peer review, appropriate agreed timescales and Gantt Chart planning have allowed me to take control of my workload. Not only I am delighted with the work I am producing but management are as well. I have delivered 3 successful mini-projects from the end of October until Christmas (using the ideas from the course) and have just been given a larger project to manage which I am keen to tackle. So many thanks for your enthusiasm and delivery. It certainly struck a chord and had a big impact.” 2 day project management course participant

“A quick note to say thanks again for your course modules in the PI training. I’ve had a bit of time to digest some of the things discussed and over the last couple of weeks I’ve applied to my current project management situation and it has already made such a difference. Personally, reshaping my lists and splitting important and not important tasks and making sure I do all the important ones first has helped me clear a lot of niggly little things and in a few short weeks I feel like I’ve really got a handle on my own efficiency.” PI Programme Participant.

“Thank you again for the fab course. I learnt a lot from what we discussed and truly appreciated your no-nonsense, practical and non-preachy approach to the issues.” Research Leadership Programme Participant

“Robin was inspiring. I feel more positive about myself and ideas to improve my ways of thinking.” Developing Research Independence Participant

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your teaching style. You have a very unique way of presenting ideas that really made me think so I got a lot out of your sessions. Thanks a million.” Research Leadership Participant

“Many thanks for the course you delivered yesterday. It was truly eye opening and very motivating.” Developing Research Strategy Participant

“Before I met Robin much of my work was going very well. However, whilst my commitments grew, productivity in certain areas was stalling. In particular I was falling behind on generating important outputs, like research papers, because seemingly urgent tasks were always finding themselves nearer the top of my inbox and I could not seem to find suitable blocks of time to focus on writing. Most notably, Robin has helped me prioritise my activities, identify how to filter requests on my time so as not to overwhelm myself and allocate and plan my work schedule so as to leave time aside each week to focus on activities such as writing papers. I am extremely grateful for his help and already feel that I am making excellent progress on paper writing, whilst more generally I am making much more efficient and productive use of my time without a negative impact elsewhere.” Coaching client